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As professional doulas, we see women do amazing things. We help make the process easier with tailored care. Every pregnancy is different for every woman and should be cared for as such. The cascade of interventions in modern pregnancies can lead to 1 in 3 women having a surgical birth which may have been avoidable. Studies have shown doula support can decrease unnecessary interventions and increase maternal satisfaction. We help begin communication, consider questions you may want to ask, and offer alternative methods to discuss with your birth team.

It’s difficult to remember all that’s taught in childbirth classes, nor should you have to. They all together skip the medical aspects. Although we aren’t medical professionals, we are knowledgeable in medical terminology, treatments, and normal physiological birth. Our doulas are highly responsive and available 24/7, answering your questions long before you receive a return call from your provider’s office. We offer techniques to help you have a more comfortable birth, suggest positions for progress, and help women decide when is the best time to head to the hospital.

Birth reveals a great deal about us to ourselves and to those around us. As professionals doulas, we’ve watched the power of the mind-body connection become more real and tangible than in any other area of the human experience. We bring calm to your environment, helping you to understand that what you’re feeling, where you may be in your labor, and strategizing for endurance. With a 15-20 year gap of research to practice, it’s imperative that families enjoy the amazing Evidence-Based Birth (R) eCourse available to prepare families with up-to-date research on evidence-based care in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and how to get it!

Studies have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases

0% Cesarean rate by
0% Length of Labor of
0% Use of Pitocin by
0% Use of Epidural by
Doula Packages
1. ONLINE Client Portal packed with NEED TO KNOWS $1250
2. Exclusive Evidence Based Birth® Essentials e-course for parents, a self-paced class where you’ll learn the six steps of HOW to actually get evidence based care! This amazing class, valued at $149 is currently available to doula clients complimentary!
3. 1-2 prenatal visits where we will
Get to know each other, Discuss birth preferences & birth plans, Practice comfort measures for labor
4. Unlimited phone/email support
5. On-call 24/7 – 2 weeks before until birth
6. 16 hours Certified labor & postnatal support (additional hours at discounted rate of $50/hr and capped after additional 10 hours )
7. Certified Breastfeeding support
8. 1 Postpartum Visit
9. Local Resources & Access to Lending Library
 Choose Your Birth Package Starting at $ 997


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